Salon Management

Do you remember when you decided to open a salon? Do you remember how driven you were when you were in the planning phase of opening your hair salon, spa or barber salon? Do you find yourself questioning that decision? Do you remember how passionate you were on the day of your grand opening? Where is that passion now? Where is that drive now? Do you have the staff you really want? Has your vision for the business been lost in the hustle and bustle of working to keep the doors open? Are you still working behind the chair because you have to or because you want to?

If you are a salon, spa or barber salon owner and these questions make you uncomfortable, then coaching is for you. If you are considering opening a hair salon, spa or barber salon, then coaching is for you. Working with a salon coach will not only help you capture your dream again, it will help to make your business dream a reality. Here are some some courses to boost your salon business and career.

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"As soon as I finished my course with London Beauty Centre I started working. Many thanks to London Beauty Centre...." Mohit Bhagat

"Learning in London Beauty Centre is an experience. I found the faculty of the centre very praiseworthy and excellent." Nidhi Gaind

"London Beauty Centre is a treasure of professional learning for our career development.... " Mina Sharma

"The excellent environment and training helped me achieve my dreams...." Hardeep Kaur

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